Why dynamic pricing is great for consumers

Explore how dynamic pricing in restaurants can give consumers fairer prices, more menu availability, and rewards for loyalty.

Why dynamic pricing is great for consumers

Dynamic Pricing is a strategy that businesses use to change the price of a product or service in response to various marketing conditions. Dynamic Pricing uses algorithms to set the best price possible based on these marketing conditions. Businesses often adopt a dynamic pricing strategy to maximize revenues and profits, respond to costs of inputs, and to create additional demand. What is less talked about are the benefits that can be provided to the consumer through a dynamic pricing strategy. In this post we will discuss some of these consumer benefits and how a dynamic pricing strategy, when executed correctly, can not only help businesses earn more money but also create happy and loyal customers.

Access to lower prices

Consider the vacationer who has always wanted to travel to a location that is typically out of their price range due to popularity. Dynamic Pricing allows that same vacationer to book travel during the “off-season” for that location, giving them access to an experience that wouldn’t have been possible if pricing was set at a static rate throughout the entire year. There are times in which customers simply shouldn’t have to pay as high prices when approaching a buying decision and dynamic pricing more accurately sets effective prices at these times giving the customer a better deal.

Consumer benefits of effective inventory management

Dynamic Pricing leads to better inventory management. If an item or service is overpriced relative to demand and competition it will sit on the shelves or result in unnecessary labor costs. On the other end of that spectrum, if a product or service is underpriced relative to demand and competition it will be undersupplied, leaving a shortage of a product or a backlog scheduled labor.

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Better inventory management benefits the consumer by helping to ensure that the products or services that they want will be available to purchase when they want them, creates more affordable alternatives during times of high demand, and maximizes operator revenue.

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Rewarding consumers for their loyalty

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Companies that use dynamic pricing leverage all of their existing customer data to not only create a pricing strategy that maximizes their profits, but also to identify their most loyal customers and reward them for the value that they bring. Dynamic Pricing’s ability to track consumer transaction history also means that promotions can be pushed to consumers who consistently purchase a product or service.

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