Announcing Sauce’s Partnership with ItsaCheckmate

Use dynamic pricing across each of your digital ordering channels on ItsaCheckmate to improve guest experiences and profit margins.

Announcing Sauce’s Partnership with ItsaCheckmate

We’re excited to announce Sauce’s partnership with ItsaCheckmate, becoming a marketplace integration partner for dynamic pricing. 

ItsaCheckmate enables restaurants to power first-party ordering, guest engagement solutions, and seamless integrations with third-party platforms. Its solutions are supported by robust analytics and reporting tools, which enable brands to scale their digital business and streamline operations.

Sauce is the dynamic pricing engine that allows hundreds of restaurant brands to scale profit-building, data-driven menu pricing strategies, automatically and easily. 

Why is this partnership important? This means that restaurant brands on ItsaCheckmate's platform can integrate dynamic pricing in just a few clicks, using Sauce to automatically leverage up-to-date order data to set the right price point at the right times to reach profit and growth goals. 

How it Works

How Sauce's ItsaCheckmate Integration Works

The collaborative Sauce and ItsaCheckmate solution is immediately available to ItsaCheckmate’s 24,000+ existing customer locations. 

With ItsaCheckmate and Sauce, restaurant brands can sync ItsaCheckmate order data from across the entire restaurant system to deploy unique hourly pricing strategies by store or region group. 

To get started, visit your ItsaCheckmate marketplace to select the Sauce Pricing integration. You can use Sauce to auto-generate pricing strategies based on your store-level demand data. You can also create custom smart pricing strategies to have dynamic rates for lunches and dinners, weekdays and weekends, or happy hours and popular events. 

For more information, read about Sauce’s integration with ItsaCheckmate.

Launching Sauce & ItsaCheckmate

Get Started

ItsaCheckmate is available in the Manage Platforms tab in Sauce’s dashboard for all pricing plans. Reach out to the Sauce or ItsaCheckmate Partnership team for a demo today to see how Sauce can optimize your online ordering channels with ItsaCheckmate. 

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