Dynamic Pricing In 10 Minutes On Olo, Chowly, And Checkmate

Streamline onboarding and integrate with your platforms seamlessly. Implement pricing strategies based on restaurant data for instant results.

Dynamic Pricing In 10 Minutes On Olo, Chowly, And Checkmate
  • It's very challenging for digital restaurants to maintain strong margins across multiple online ordering platforms.
  • Restaurant groups have too much data, too little time, and too little tech expertise to build automations that can help margins, such as dynamic pricing.
  • Sauce's dynamic pricing infrastructure allows you to connect any restaurant on Olo, Chowly, and ItsaCheckmate to smart pricing strategies within 10 minutes.

Dynamic Pricing in 10 Minutes on Olo, Chowly, and Checkmate

Video Transcript:

"I can address the question regarding the platform infrastructure, right? Every restaurant is on all these different platforms. That was one of the first challenges we encountered in the space when we were getting started.

Initially, our focus from the beginning was, okay, can we identify the problem of maintaining strong margins in this omnichannel world? And can we build the technology first?

So, we prioritized building the technology before diving into marketing or sales. For a restaurant that's on a range of platforms, including middleware aggregators like Olo, Chowly, or ItsaCheckmate, as well as delivery platforms and POS systems, we've streamlined the onboarding process to be less than ten minutes.

In fact, if someone is using Olo, for example, all they have to do is access the Olo portal and click "Sauce." It's already integrated within the existing stack. As mentioned earlier, our restaurants can onboard and automatically import their data, enabling us to populate existing pricing strategies based on their data. This allows a restaurant to press play and implement the strategies right away." - Colin Webb, Sauce CEO

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